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Starter Motor Help

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Hey guys! I have a 1995 Vulcan EN500 and I need some help removing the starter motor. I fully charged the battery and tried to start the bike, after sitting in storage for the winter, a few days ago. When I tried to start it the relay would click rapidly but engine would not crank. So, I started trouble shooting. I first took the battery to an auto repair shop and it tested healthy. I then thought that it might be the relay, so I bought a new one on eBay. Now when I hit the start button there is a single click from the relay, but still the engine won’t crank. I started checking the battery cables and notices that there is rust on the starter motor where one of the ground cables is connected. So now I am trying to remove the starter motor to clean the rust off and to test to see if it is functional. However, now I have run into a problem with removing the left engine cover. I have removed all the 8mm bolts, but it will not budge when I pull or twist on it. It there something on the inside that I am missing? I looked at a free service manual for a 1996 Vulcan, but couldn’t find anything different for what I am already doing. I started doing my own repairs about a year ago to help save money and due to the fact that the nearest motorcycle repair shop is 20miles away. Any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums! Suggest you ask your questions in the 500 forum where other owners can help you out. Not all read the new intro section.
Thanks for the suggestion! :D
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