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I recently changed the clutch plates and clutch spring in my 2005 1500 Classis FI. I took everything apart and put it back together the same way it came apart. I also changed the oil and filter at the same time.

After the first drive with the new plates and spring, I now have a squeal/whine. It isn't there when I first start the bike, it seems to come after it is warmed up a bit. It seems to be more prominent under load. When I pull the clutch handle, it isn't quite as noticeable and when I let go, it comes back.

The other thing I notice is that it seems to be worse in 3rd and 4th gear.

I have driven the bike, and everything is functioning as normal, clutch is working properly and the bike shifts fine.

My question is, has anyone else ever come across this type of noise. I would get a video, but kind of hard to do wen going down the highway:smile2:
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