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spring tool for voyager kickstand

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any ideas on a spring tool for our voyagers? . im having trouble getting the spring on mine after changing the kickstand to a longer one. any special one needed for the job or anybody got any ideas on what I can use to complete the job. I don't want to bend the spring putting it on with pliers and screw driver.
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The easiest way is to use pennies or flat washers to space out the spring coils before you take the spring off. This keeps the spring from collapsing when you move the kickstand to the up possition and it will just fall off. Mount new kick stand and move to down possition and remove spacers.

With the spring already off you should be able to flex or bend the spring sideways to open up a couple coils at a time on one side put spacers in and than flex it the other way to do the other side the more coils you put spacers between the longer the spring stays and you don't over stretch the spring
I changed the stand on my 1500 and used a trick picked up on this forum.

Bend the spring to create space between the coils, start inserting pennies in the spaces, work top to bottom or middle out. Once all the spaces are filled reattach the spring to the bike and remove the coins. Should work, it worked for me!
well ... I guess you learn something everyday! worked like a charm. thanks guys.it was about to give me high blood pressure. I hope one day I can help someone who needs help.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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