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I hope this is not a dead thread now ,
I have a 98 classic 1500 single carb with wire wheels, I went and got a puncture when out riding in the hills, I was shocked at the speed it went flat and almost out of control, (lucky the speed was a bit less then 50 mph!).
I have never had this happen with alloy wheels and it really is dangerous so I would like to get nomad wheels to go on my classic.
I know the rear is straight on but the front needs work, is it just a different bush ? or do I need to rub off the disc/ rotor housing on the right side? do I need to alter the speedo drive or can a wheel be purchased with the old drive type?.
Do I need to machine the disc housing or is that just cosmetic?
Thanks for any input given as I would like to keep the old lady but as is she is dangerous.
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