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Spiegler Brake Lines are Sportbike Track Gear's Brake lines of choice. Brake lines are typically one of the first modification's anyone should do to their motorcycle that came with Rubber lines on it stock.

We have many video's about Spiegler lines, that show installations, brake bleeding, and just a info video on Spielger seen below.

When you order Brake lines through STG we are throwing in Free Brake Fluid and Free Brake Cleaner with an order of Front or Front and Rear Lines.

If you have any questions or would like to order a set of lines, or get a set up Custom Lines made for any application give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

These brake lines come DOT and TUV approved. With High quality fittings and the patented torsion system that allows you to install any line without line twist unlike other brake lines on the market that come crimped together already.

Fittings are available in green, silver, chrome, blue, black, purple, red or titanium.
Lines are available in black, clear, red blue, smoke, white, orange, green or translucent blue.

Also when you order a kit through Sportbike Track Gear, unlike most other dealers, we supply you all the banjo's needed in any color you want.

When you get your kit from us, it will look something like this. The Brake Lines you ordered in the correct length and color, with 3 banjo bolts, and 9 crush washers, as well as the tool needed to adjust the fittings for no line twist.
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