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Installed one today. Set it for -5.0, as my GPS told me I was indicating about 5% fast. Now the speedometer reads the same as the GPS, or maybe a half a mile an hour more, which is fine. Installation was really easy. As usual, the hardest part was figuring out how to unhook a connector without hurting it. Just had to squeeze in the right place.

BTW, I still think Kawasaki should fix this problem. My friend has a 2014 Honda Valyrie --- that rocketship of a cruiser with a gold wing engine. His speedometer is dead on.

Question: Is the odometer calibrated so that it is off in a similar way as the speedometer? That is, if the speedometer was 5% fast, does that mean that the odometer showed 5% too many miles? If the speedohealer gets rid of the 5% speedometer overage, does it also get rid of a 5% mileage overage?

Just wondering for the purposes of calculating gas mileage. Anyone know how these things work on the Kawasaki's?

Happy and safe riding,
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