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Thinking about a Reckless fairing and need to choose between four 5.25 inch speakers and two 6 by 9s. Planning on their Infinity Bluetooth head unit, which is 50 watts per channel on four channels. I've heard the Infinity is fine without an amp for the four 5.25 inch speakers, but I can't find consistent information on whether it can drive the two 6 by 9s. The vendor says that while bass is better on the 6 by 9s, he likes the 5.25 inch speakers better because (1) the mids and highs are as good or better on the smaller speakers; (2) bass tends to disappear at moderate to high speed anyway, (3) the Infinity puts out 50 watts per speaker which drives the four 5.25s very well, but does not drive two 6 by 9s to their potential. One can add an amp to drive them better, but I get the impression that the bang for the buck isn't that high because bass tends to get buried anyway. On the other hand, I saw a post on another forum that the 6 by 9s were fine without an amp, too.

I don't have the need to crank music while the bike sits or while putting around, so a booming bass is not any kind of priority.
I'm not adding a fairing for music, but for wind protection. However, I like the option of having the radio and Bluetooth for iPhone tunes, so I just want to make the best choice. I really don't want to add an amp. I have a mild preference for the look of the 6 by 9 fairing, so if I thought the Infinity would drive them OK, I'd probably go that route. But if it's inadequate, I'd probably go with the 5.25s.

For those with Reckless fairings, what set up do you have, and are you happy with it? Why or why not?

Happy and safe riding,
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