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Sparkplug removal

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I read here that you are able to pull the plugs without removing the gastank.
Do you have to remove the dash cover and speedo or just remove the two bolts in the back of the tank?
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There is a wiring harness for the speedo in front of the tank.
I have never tried to remove the tank with the speedo in place,But I think it would be best to remove the speedo and keep it in a safe place. That way you won't stress the wiring harness.
You will also need to remove the fuel pump wires and fuel hose. It is very easy if you know how.
There is a youtube video that shows you how to do it. I will try to find it and post it.
Regards Jason
IMO you need the hands of an Asian heart surgeon to pull the plugs without taking the tank off. The tanks is pretty easy once you work out how to disconnect the fuel line and electrical plugs.
I've heard of guys loosening the tank and putting a 2x4 under the front of the tank so they don't have to completely remove it. If you do decide to remove it completely and also have the plugs out you may as well go further and do a valve adjust/check if you feel up to it. You are half way there anyway. I use Uridium plugs since they are good for 15,000 miles easily and you don't have to worry about them until your next valve check.
It's not too hard to get the tank off once you know how to get the speedo and fuel lines disconnected. I couldn't imagine trying to get to the plugs without taking the tank off. If nothing else, they are a fair way down and you will need all the space you can get to access them.
I ordered a Clymer manual from Amazon pretty cheap. Nice to have around and is descriptive with decent pics. The tank is pretty easy though, took me all of 10 minutes. Just be sure you pull the locking clip on the fuel line the correct way and run as much gas out of the tank as you can. It won't leak out because it's fuel injection, but it sure makes it easier to handle without fuel in it.
Ha! 40 lbs of gas sloshing around can be awkward!
Oh Yea. There is a plug connection near the fuel line. I can't remember what it is (maybe fuel pump) it is the one where one side of the plug is attached to a metal tab on the bike. At any rate, shine a bright light on it and you will see where you need to squeeze the tabs so the plug comes apart. I had to squeeze pretty hard and had to get my fingers on it just right.
Never had to take off or loosen the tank for removing/changing spark plugs. I do service them every other oil change 4-6000mi. 32000 mi. on the odo. Stock set still in use.
But then I have the stock spark plug removal tool :) and I have large hands.
I do not like to remove the fuel line any more than needed, I believe it is do to be replaced soon as per miles/time
Never had to take off or loosen the tank for removing/changing spark plugs. But then I have the stock spark plug removal tool :) and I have large hands.
I don't doubt you can do it but I've tried with the tool and my biggish hands & it's just too tight a space. Even if I could physically place the plug I'd be uncertain if it was placed correctly (not cross threaded) and in securely.
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