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A recently formed Vulcan Riders Association called the Motor City Vulcan Riders is looking for new members that like to ride and socialize. We are affiliated with the national Vulcan Riders Association.

We welcome riders of any make and model, even Harleys! If you have a Ninja, a ZX, or Concours or other Kawasaki and want to ride with us, you're certainly welcome. We don't care what you ride. We only care that you ride safely and can play well with others. Naturally, we wish to see all Vulcan riders in the area join up.

Our group is newly formed with only 6 members at the moment, but we expect to grow fairly rapidly once spring arrives and people start riding again. If you're interested, you can contact us at www.MotorCityVulcanRiders.com, which is currently under heavy construction. At the moment, we communicate mainly through a yahoo group, linked from the main page.

We have a meeting every month, to socialize and discuss things that we want to do. You're also welcome to attend meetings to get to know us. Meeting info is generally published in the yahoo group now, as is everything else until our web site is finished.
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