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Sorry, Bike

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I had to go out to the garage today and apologize to my bike. This impending storm and blizzard is not my fault, I don't want it, I need Spring. I sat with it for a few minutes, its 14 degrees out there, and it didn't say a word. I think its really pis**d. I will make it up to you buddy.
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Glad to know I'm not the only weird one out there. I've ridden 6 days of the last 30. needs to be 30/30.
I know the feeling PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) sucks. I just keep telling myself you can't ride with all the salt and sand still on the road even if it gets nice for a day. And hay you (talking to myself) winterized it knowing it was for the long haul, but I still go out and peek under her skirt every now and than.
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