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Ok...so, I broke one of my cardinal rules. "Don't buy cheap safety gear". And, I am sure that this post will send shivers down some of your spines. (Dont ever buy cheaper safety gear, Walmart sells crap, etc.) However....

I had a several hundred km trip planned for Wednesday/Thursday, and I have only ever worn and owned Full Face helmets.

The problem with the full face helmets is that even with the vents open, my head gets super hot. I thought that this would be even more problematic given the crazy heat we have been having here as of late.

Back to the SIGI..... I was at Walmart last Tuesday. I have shied away of helmets that come from Walmart, but I tried on a 3/4 helmet for fun, (I tend to gravitate to the automotive section everywhere I go; my wife hates it). It actually fit REALLY well. Having tried on dozens of helmets over the years, not many brands tend to fit my head perfectly.

I examined the helmet. Comfortable? Check. Fits my head well? Check. DOT approved? Check. Face-shield? Check. (I don't have a wind-shield, so for me a face-shield is a must, that is also why I have shied away from 1/2 helemts). Additional vents? Check. Extremely lightweight? Check. The price? $59.99 on sale from $75. Some quick research on the blackberry while I was standing there showed someof positive reviews by others.

Here is the helmet:


So, I grabbed it. I went on my little two day ride. WOW. What a difference from a FF helmet. I will still wear my full face when the situation dictates that I do so, but the 3/4 made my ride way more enjoyable than I thought imaginable. I can't even describe how much better the ride was. Now I know whey dogs like sticking their head out the car window.:D

In short, as long as it is DOT approved and comfortable, why not? It also comes with a solid black deflector that you can swap out in place of the face shield.


Is it a perfect helmet? No, but I like it. A built in sunshade would be nice, but my sunglasses worked well too. And for the price, I guess you can't expect too many features! Is it a cheap helmet? Not in my opinion. I would call it inexpensive. I believe that after DOT cert. fit is the most important feature. And this helmet fits.

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