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Good day to all. Lengthy story here but not nearly as long is it's going to take me to type it. Bought this '98 1500E1 Classic back in June of last year, had 23,500 miles on her. Previous owners had spent a bundle of money on chrome here and there, nice lookin bike. Sold on it's looks I knew little of Kawasaki's. Then the education period begins. Things I've changed myself:
Remove the air intake system and replaced it via the Gadget page, with Ø8.5" K&N, Moroso cover, system.
Added an external crank case breather.
Removed the reed valves and all it's hoses, replaced via the Gadget page I
Added the extended cam chain adjusters via the Gadget page. They were @ a -.200 when I made the change. I must say when I fired her up after that the clicking sound coming from the adjusters was a little nerve racking. It slowly faded away though and they seem to work fine.
Things I sent to a mechanic to do:
Remove the engine and replace both valve cover gaskets (yes of coarse the rear jugs started to leak).
Installed the JOG, meanstreak clutch spring with the washers.
Back to me:
Installed Cobra Speedsters (Long). Not many choices left for this old bike, Sound good tho and goes with over all look of this bike.
Cleaned the carb, changed the pilot jet to a 48, main jet to 155, cobra needle set on the 3rd notch with two washers, PMS @ 2.2 turns, Harley fuel inlet valve (by the way a simple thing to do), accelerator pump diaphragm and all
Phillips head screws with stainless.
Rear jug (external) oil line hose "o-ring". Sprung a leak here, pain but cheap to fix.
Now when I first got it, pipes were black and so were the plugs....running rich right?
Still is!!! :mad::mad:
Other than that she's runs good, sounds great, no leaks and looks good. Initial tank yielded 40.3 mpg. It would be nice finish it but, I think I'm going to have to take her back to my mechanic to fine tune her.
Thanks for viewing, any advice is read. Thanks very much for the gadget page it helped out greatly.

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Pics! We must have pics!!!!

You've done things I'd like to do in the future. Will be referencing this thread and the Gadget page. Thanks for sharing!

Kind Regards,

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