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Congrats Jasber! It was a close one this month.

Well, I guess I'll be the first for the month:

Year: 2008
Model: Vulcan 900 Custom (Passion Red)
Eng size: 903cc
Pipes: Freedom Performance Sharp Curve Radius
Seat: Stock (with Saddleman Renegade Solo Tattoo on the way!)
Wheels: Metzeler 880 Marathon (90/90-21 front, 200/70R-15 rear)
Accessories: Bikemaster "Sickle" Mirrors
SMT "Revolver Assassin" Grips
Cobra Powrflo Intake
Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management (current settings at 2.5/2/1)
Cobra Radiator Cover
Cobra Regulator Cover
Big Bike Parts Horn Cover

And the story:
From a very early age, always wanted to ride a bike. Made promises to myself that some day I would. Well, it wasn't until this past fathers day (at the age of 42 and 8 kids later!) that my amazing wife finally got me off of my a$$ and insisted that I take the MSF once and for all!

Naturally, I did as I was told (LOL) and took the class over fathers day weekend and while I was nervous at first, once I got past the initial butterflies, I felt as if I'd been riding my whole life! Now, that's not to say that I got cocky and acted like I knew everything (because I certainly didn't and don't), but it felt very natural to say the least.

The Monday following my course (which I passed), I went out to a dealer I had been scouring and laid $4900 cash down for my bone stock 900 custom:
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