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Year: 2006
Model: Mean Streak
Eng size: 1600
Pipes: Vance n Hines Bigshots
Seat: Danny Gray Flamed
Wheels: Original
V&H Bigshots Exhaust, Thunder Mfg. Tornado Intake, Kuryakyn Wild Things TFI, 12" Smooth Ride Custom Chrome Shocks, Danny Gray Flame Seat, Reaper Front Fender, Radiator Chin Scoop, Front Axle Spikes, Rear Fender Spikes, Iso Grips with Spike Ends, Kewl Metal Risers, Rear Turn Signals, Smoke Tail and Turn Signal Covers, Stebel Air Horn, Kuryakyn Retro Pegs, Arlen Ness Mirrors, Custom Jack Daniels Gauge Faces, Jack Daniels Air Cleaner Cover, Sidemount License Mount with LED Lighting, HotBox
And the story:
I've been riding for many years and have had several bikes along the way. My wife used to beg me to give up riding because she was always so worried every time I went out. We have had alot of friends and coworkers go down through out the years and although it is bound to happen when you live your life around riding it never will get any easier to see them go. We all have to respect each others wishes and live life to the fullest and in the moment.
Well at the wish of my wife I finally decided to sell my ride. It wasn't what I wanted to do but I could see how much she was worried and Her being the love of my life for many years I finally ended my relationship with riding.
Men being as men will be I had to have something else to play with so I purchased an old 81 Corvette from a friend of mine and began working on fixing it up. It was a mess. I worked for three years on that thing and had momentary happiness but my wife could see that I wasn't really truly happy as my riding buddies were always around and she could see that I needed to ride to be truly free. She came to me one day and said that she could see that I was unhappy and that I needed to get another bike if that is what I wanted.
She never did like riding on the back because when she was a kid one of her old boyfriends dumped her off the back and she has never liked riding on the back ever again. I have tried but its just not going to happen. I immediately put the Corvette up for sale and it sold very quick thankfully because that was my Bike money. I immediately started my search for my new Baby.
After much searching I walked into a dealership about 50 miles away and there it was in all it glory. My New found joy. My 06 Mean Streak and I knew it was mine.
It felt so good to ride it home but I had to take it easy and hold back the joy I had. It was time to become one with my new Ride. It felt Great to feel the wind rushing by me once more.
It was about 6 months after I purchased my Mean Streak and my wife was talking to me and said that she wanted to learn to ride. WOW!!! What a surprise.
She had always been so adament about me NOT riding and now she was hitting me with this. I was so happy I didn't know what to say.
That weekend we went to one of the local used dealers in the area so she could sit on everything and see just what style of bike she liked and felt comfortable on. She sat on everything from cruiser to sportbike. It finally ended up being a Kawasaki Ninja 250.
Being as they wanted just as much for the used ones as new we decided to get her an 07 Kawasaki Ninja 250.
She immediately enrolled in the MSF course and passed it the first time. I was so proud of her and still am. We started riding everywhere and anywhere. She put over 7000 miles on that 250 the first year.
Being as we were doing alot of riding and she was getting more and more comfortable we decided that she needed to upgrade just a bit and on her Birthday she got a brand new 08 Suzuki GSX650F.
She was the proudest Woman on the face of the earth and still is.
Today we ride alot together and I never have to hear how she wants me to stop riding. She knows now the true joy and freedom. To feel the breeze and actually smell the sweet flower blossoms as you go by.
Its truly amazing how great a feeling you can get just from a short ride.
I bought it New in August of 2006 Since then I have been working on making it mine.
As I collect full and sealed Jack Daniels Bottles and other items I decided to turn it into a Jack Daniels Bike. So far I have only added cutom JD Gauge Faces and the Air Cleaner Side cover but more is on the way. I have added alot of other things along the way either for looks or performance. The only thing that hasn't been done by me on this bike is replacement of my tires and even then I removed and replaced my rims. I Love working on it as well as riding it.
I honestly have to say that in all my years of riding that this Mean Streak is the best riding,most stabile and comfortable ride I've ever had.
I guess you can tell I'm very pleased with it.
Thank You and Most of all RIDE SAFE

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Congrats! That's one sweeeet meanie!!

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Thanx for the compliments. I tried to keep it simple but we all know how that goes. Sorry I was long winded
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