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I recently purchased the Sena SMH5 Motorcycle Blue-tooth Headset and Intercom dual pack.
I ordered it from JC Motors; delivered it was under $200.

Installation is easy enough, a bolt on clamp for the main unit and sticky Velcro patches for the speakers and mic. I use a full face and my wife uses a ¾; so the installation may be more tricky with a half helmet.
Blue-tooth pairing is simple between units and phones. My wifes phone is a Samsung and mine is a LG. Everything connected on the first try.
I have only tested the phone connection off the bike, but it works great.
On the bike I wear earplugs most of the time; at speeds below 60 mph the intercom is very good, with little or no wind noise or static. Above 60mph we cannot communicate while wearing ear plugs.
Without earplugs the intercom works great up to 65 mph, and from 65mph to at least 75 mph there is only mild wind noise. I will be trying to locate a lower rated ear plug.
I have not had the opportunity to test a blue-tooth mp3 player or GPS as of yet.

I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend the product.

One of the original mics in the dual pack was defective. JC Motors would not replaced just the mic, and I did not want to send the entire dual pack back. So, I contacted Sena and got a shipping label and RMA #; it took about two weeks, but they sent me a new boom mic @ no cost to me.

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