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Running rich.

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I'm getting ready to install another power commander on my bike. The first one I had went bad.

Ever since I purchased the bike it seems to run rich. It has Vance and Hines power shots on it, and a k&n filter. No power commander on it, and it does not pop on decel. Fuel mileage is about 34-35 on average.
Also the turn signal on the exhaust side gets a little soot on it.

I still have the maps I used on the previous pc3 where I decreased the fuel.

Just curious if anyone else has seen symptoms like this?
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I think i have a rich issue with the front cylinder on my 08. It started after around 1500 miles with harder starting. It labors and starts lazy but if i just crack the throttle slightly it jumps to life. for the 1st 1500 miles it did this WO cracking the throttle.

I took it to the dealer and his minion just kept turning up the idle speed. wasn't willing to listen that it was different than when new. my idle speed was at 900. He set it at 1100

I have britt motorsports exhaust with K&N. Alot of blueing on the rear pipe and brilliant chrome on the front pipe. Better cooling or running rich in the front? IDK
I do get a substantial puff of black on hard accel.

i suspect an injector issue on the front but now have 35,000 miles on her with this same issue and it never has changed so i guess when it breaks ill fix it.

My mileage is similar. Not much resolution here but i have the same question
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Get a hold of an IR laser thermometer, warm your motor up then when the exhaust is hot run motor up to about 2000 rpm for a minute and them take temp readings from about 12" away at the point where the pipe exits the cylinder head. Rich cylinder will have the cooler temp. 34-35 mpg is about what I get around town on the V2K with a FI2000R tuner, Samson pipes and stock airbox. Might have to go with a PCV or another tuner that can adjust fuel to individual cylinders. Or, you can do what we used to do on old Hardleys, change heat range of the plugs. Careful though, a little rich is a lot better than a little lean. Luck, Bob
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