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Hi gang I'm a new Vulcan owner & glad to have joined the Vulcan Forums. My bike is a 1993 500 w/ 15,000 miles that I named Lester. Lester the Loaner or Lester the Molester, depending on who you ask. He has lived a rough life, but the price was right. Through years of missing maintenance he has developed an solid "I'm 26 years old, STILL alive & HEY!!! HEY YOU!!! WHA-CHOO-LOOKIN-AT JACK!!!" attitude...

As his name suggests Lester isn't just my bike. You see, I was given the gift of motorcycling in high school when my friend Dave taught me to ride on his 1976 Honda 500 beater bike while he had his 1986 Shadow to lead with. I will always be grateful for him teaching me to ride, & giving me the means for me to get me license, so I figured it was time to pay him back & pay riding forward by getting a bike my friends can learn on without financial risk. Lester will never be perfect, his lot in life is to be revved up & dropped, run across the parking lot & into the ditch, or tipped over & not worried about. He might not be loved by the actions of those newbies he carries, yet he will be LOVED by those that have shared in him because of the skills & freedom that he can provide.

There will be much differed maintenance done over the winter & I hope to have a couple of my currently permitted friends moved into full licensees next summer. Stay tuned as Lester evolves, not just a bike, but as a trainer. I'm grateful to have found a venue to share stories & acquire knowledge as I whip Lester (& my own biker gang) into shape! :)


-Other Motorcycles include:
1972 Honda Mini Trail 50
2011 Suzuki V-Strom 650


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