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Robert from Norway here

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Hi guys. My name is Robert. I'm from the second largest city in Norway, Bergen. I am 38 years old and this week I bought my first bike. A 2010 Vulcan 900 Custom with 12000 miles on it. Its been sitting in a showroom from 2010 to 2012. I'm going to see if I can post a picture of the bike. I'm on my phone right now.
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Welcome Robert, Norway huh? How long is your riding season brother?
Thanks :) Its not too bad here. It's pretty mild in the winters here. What cuts down the season is all the dam road salt. Usually most people park their bikes in October and bring them out in march where I live. Further north the winter is long and hard. But hopefully I can take it out in a week or two. I've had a few short rides to calm my soul this week, which helped a lot :)
Welcome Robert. My wife and daughter are wanting to tour Norway. Maybe this summer. Hope you enjoy your bike.
Thanks Zig. Its pretty nice here in the summer. But remember its very expensive here. Very ;) if you come too, we could grab a beer. I'll pay :)
Hers my baby before I parked it in the garage. I connected the battery charger that came with my bike, and its all tucked neatly under a warm blanket :)


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That is a sweet looking ride! I'd love to see Norway, but this is their trip. My trip is a week of fly fishing with my nephew and brother-in-law and friends, and a week touring the Rockies with the Kawboys and friends.
This is great looking bike. Be safe and enjoy your new ride.
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