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A little over a year ago I acquired a set of the elusive Roadhouse Dooley's for my 1500.

Alas, I havent been able to mount them as they came with the mounting hardware for a 1500 Classic. Which my bike is, but I've mounted a set of Nomad bags complete with all the Nomad mounting hardware.
The brackets that came with this set of RH Dooley's are made to attach to the Classic passenger footpeg hardware which I had to remove so the Nomad bag guards would fit.

Or, if you have a set of Dooley's on a 1500/1600 Nomad, could you send me photo's of the mounting brackets?

Desparate in FL :)


PS: I'd also like to find a set of shark or fishtail tips for these pipes. They seem to be even rarer than the pipes themselves.
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