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I had a 2012 Nomad that was set up perfectly for me (6'4") with 4" risers and a Corbin seat. Had to lay it down to avoid T boning a truck that pulled out in front of me. Bought a 2013 Vaquero with Dan Meyers 11" mini apes. Just got my Corbin seat for this one and I can't even reach the grips if I lean back into the seat! Which was the whole purpose of shelling out $$$ for the Corbin.

Here's what I wanna do and tell me if I can: install LA Choppers 5 1/2" Hefty with 1 3/4" pullback using Baron Custom Accessories - BA-7411-01 adapter bolts, having a local shop make a longer front brake line, reroute all others behind the triple tree top clamp. That should give me the range to pull the bars back enough....right?

The risers are made for Harley's, but the bolt kit has SAE on top and MM on bottom. Do I have enough play in the rest of the line's? It seems as if this is doable, am I missing some glaring issue cuz I've searched and haven't read about anybody doing this.

I just want as much height as possible with some pull back as well.

Thanks to anybody that takes the time to respond.
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