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When I bought my bike it had an exhaust from an older 1500 Vulcan. Dings, dents, scrapes and too big looking, this had to go.

I found a mint set of factory pipes from an 07 that would fit my 06 perfectly and they had but 1k miles use so I was happy until I removed the other system. No Factory Brackets! I didnt know how the PO had attached the other system until it was off. Whoooops.

They had used the 1500 bracket and a plate steel extension to reach the frame mounts. I was hosed. Worse, when researching the cost of the parts needed it was upwards of 160 bucks. Now the price I paid for the pipes plus the extra screws and brackets was going to push the price up much more than I had envisioned spending.

The happy ending is there are great folks here on the forum. mex7.62 aka Matt sold me all I needed to attach them for a fraction of new.

So, in researching what I needed I found out a few things so I am passing it along to the forum.


You will need two factory brackets/stays. One is a small triangular bracket and relatively cheap at $5.95 on average. The larger elongated wing shape stay is pricey. $67-79 each new. Ouch. There are 2 mounting screws for each but they are bracket/stay specific, the 2 for the upper stay won't fit to secure the lower smaller bracket. Typically the two screws for the large stay are reused for the aftermarket install FYI, so don't lose yours because anyone selling the stay to you will need theirs.

The mufflers each have a 2 holes on a single mount that are used to screw them to the brackets/stays. However, you only need 3 screws. The upper larger stay has one screw that is separate, and the other screw is actually part of the stay and uses a nut to hold the parts on. A little confusing on the parts diagram.

There are rubber buffers like shock absorbers shaped like hats that are inserted on either side of the muffler mounts and an equal number of metal collars that go down into each. 8 buffers, 8 collars. Buffers are cheaper at 2 bucks each, but the collars run about 6-8 each so it adds up fast.

As you can see if you are not expecting to buy all this it can get expensive, so buyers make sure you consider the cost if the pipes you are buying are missing these. Sellers, please remember your fellow bikers and disclose what you dont have and keep them from a costly mistake.


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