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I want to change my bike's head light to the one which is sort of looks like Suzuki's.
I see seller has picture of the head lights with one innocent looking electric connector/cable which makes you think its real simple to put this new light on your bike.
But when I went look the headlight on my bike there are whole bunch of cables going inside the back of the head light casing.
I think 2 cables from indicators one from odometer one for actual head lamp, the all go in the casing.

So my question is it simple job to replace the head light ?
Is there any instructions about it?

Thank you.

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It'll be a fun project !!!

Hey T_ Monk !!!
Prolly gonna get into some fabrication on that idea...

Check eBay for an "original" Suzuki headlight and the housing may have enough space inside the bucket to hide all the wiring...
An aftermarket headlight prolly won't...
So you'll have to hide all the wiring somewhere inside the triple tree/ headlight cowling...

I saw one on youtube where a guy did that on a Meanie...
Maybe contact him if possible...

Ride On !!!
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