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Repair shop advice - SE Michigan

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I posted this a month ago in the general forum, and received no responses. I am hoping that posting here will help me get advice for preparing my 900 Custom for the coming summer.

We visited family in Georgia over Thanksgiving. The weather here sucked, Georgia weather looked promising, and there was room in the trailer, so my son and I loaded up the bikes. The trip there was uneventful (he and I took turns driving), the visit was nice, and we got in a little late-season riding.

Sometime during the trip home (with a different driver) a new tie-down strap on my 900 Custom broke. The bike then pushed the chock, unloading the front end, and eventually fell onto my son's R-6. The major contact was between my gas tank and his frame slider, so the 900 suffered the brunt of the indignities. The bikes were apparently snuggling for quite a while, so the tank is a real mess. There are other minor scuffs, and possibly things we have not noticed, but both bikes need repair.

I am happy to hear advice on restraining the bikes for towing, but I REALLY NEED advice/info on selecting/finding a repair shop to get the bikes looking like new. We are in northern Oakland County, Michigan. Suggestions for shops to visit (or avoid) would be good, as would tips for finding one.

We are both new to riding and, thankfully, have only needed parts and some mechanical repairs for the bikes, never any cosmetic (especially paint, I guess) repairs. I am hoping you can get me pointed in the right direction.

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If it was me I see two options.

1 call the insurance company. Then use who they recommend. Heck they may even total the bikes out and you can get different one's. now if that's not an option.

2 Make putting the bikes back together a father son project. Look at ebay and other places for parts. Might get lucky and get a tank/stuff in the right colors. Find some one who does air brush work. Get something cool on the tank. most local body shops will paint parts for you. If you take them off.

I understand RayCs is excellent where you are at
mes882 - we are dealing with the insurance company. They want an estimate from the shop which will do the repairs, then they send their adjuster to verify needed repairs. My son's bike will be the father/son project, as he chose to save a little money and not add comprehensive to his policy.

LarryG - Thank you for the lead. I will check into RayCs.
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