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Repair Manual vnt50a 1996

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Hallo, me again

annyone knows where i can find repair manual for my vnt50a 1996 1500classic! I think they made some changes over the years to that model FYI ,never could find petcock 8mm inner diameter, etc ,etc ,etc !
Someone haz an idea for pdf manual would help a lot, but not a"almost or close " one that i have need forthat exactly!!
Thanks !!!!!
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Hi. Don’t know about that model number. Responded to you having a Classic.

Here is a link to download the factory service manual. Also a link to an OEM parts supplier with diagrams. Have found that the diagrams help show how things are assembled.

Thank you!
But the first fi is ic i am not wrong injection ,mine is carb
The second is " d1" i have this, doesent help much🤣
It seems for "a" doesent exist,fyi i cant find "b" and "c" neither!
I know about megazip etc. But even them dont have diagrams for " a" version!!!
Thanks, greatings from venezuela
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