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Remove Carburetor

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I'm a new motorcycle owner (2004 vulcan 800a). I'm mechanically challenged, but trying to figure things out. The bike has been sitting awhile (before I got it) and keeps dying when it idles. I'm trying to clean the carburetor, but don't know how to remove it. I've removed everything I can (air intake, gas tank, etc), but can't figure out how to remove the actual carburator. Any suggestions?

I'm afraid I'll never remember how to put everything back together! Haha
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More specific update. I have the carburetor unattached from all but 3 hoses/lines. Not sure how to unattached the carburetor from any of the 3. 2 come from throttle and 1 from choke.
For the throttle, on the front of carb, as mounted to intake, you can release the cables by getting slack in one cable at a time and move it to the slot in the bracket. The 1st one will be a bit harder than the 2nd. For the choke, just behind the battery, inline with the knob as you pull it, you should see 2 screws, one near the pull knob, the other just to the right of center. Remove these, then the whole cable and knob can be fed out with carb. Be careful, its easy to drop these screws.
Thanks for the response, Rick. I see the the slot in the bracket. It is too late and cold to be patient, but it looks like it is going to be a nightmare to disassemble and reassemble (maybe easier if I disconnect from the choke first). Is it easier to disassemble and clean the carb without completely unattaching it from the bike?

Is there anything I need to watch out for when disassembling the carb for cleaning? I plan to take a ton of pictures so I can put it back together.
Its not hard to take loose from bike, well not for me. I will be taking mine off shortly, can get pix of choke and throttle removal for you.
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I was wrong on the choke bracket, its in front of battery, and there is 1 screw to remove to get throttle cables loose. See pix below. 1st 2 are for choke bracket. Auto part
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That is unbelievably helpful! Talked to a couple guys that have me scared I'm in over my head cleaning the actual carburetor. Say I may have to readjust jets (something I'm completely lost with) if I take it apart to clean it. That's why they al take theirs to the shop.

The only jet you adjust is the idle mixture screw, and the needle if it has an aftermarket needle. Even that has rings on it and the clip goes on a ring to hold the needle in the right position, you may also have a very small washer or 2 under the clip. The idle mixture is capped when new and if has never been touched will still be capped. If it is not, screw this in to just LIGHTLY bottom it counting the number of turns in. This is normally between 1 1/2 to 3 turns in.
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