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Hi all

I'm having an issue with my 1997 VN800. I thought the roads around my area were getting even rougher as I was getting a lot of backache. On inspection of the bike it seems that there is zero travel in the rear suspension! It's like riding a hardtail.

The bike has not sunk down and sitting on the bump stop, it's at it's usual height. There seems to be no play in the swing arm or unusual noises. Just no movement of the arm.

I'm going to start stripping the bike down tomorrow but I have never heard of a failure like this. Can a rear shock lock solid? No oil seems to be leaking from it. Any clues, pointers or advice on what to look for? Is there any way of testing the shock?

For information the bike is my daily commuter in the UK and is ridden all year around. I'm keen to get the bike fixed quickly as every day it is off the road it's a day I have to catch the bus to work.:frown2:

Thanks in advance

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