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This has probabaly been posted before, but I need some help with a luggage rack problem I have with my EN500A. I have a Givi topbox which is attached using a monolock plate. The luggage rack is a a bit of handywork by the previous owner and has already broken once. I would very much like a more solid one that fits the bike well. I have seen them in the United States (integrated with the sissybar) so I know they exist. Now I just have to find one and someone who is willing to ship it to the Netherlands (although I am willing to pick it up if I can drive to the location (ie Belgium, France, Germany, UK). It would be for a 1992 Kawasaki EN500A.

I have included a picture of the bike after it has been loaded up. As you can see, the topbox is also starting to droop, making the taillight less visible.

Also I have done some research on this forum and to give you an idea what I am looking for I have included a picture of the sort of thing I am looking for (please note that this is not the type of plate I use and it seems to be a more recent model).


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