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Ready to ride!!!

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I am so over this winter. I am ready to get the 900 out an take a trip. Heck at this point I would settle for a short ride to town.
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I ride for fun so I have a rule min 50F+ max 20% rain forecast. Looks like I wil need to wait until the second weekend in March before I get out again.

We did have some decent days is Jan and early Feb which met my min criteria, but Feb has been unusually cold here in Georgia.
Winter to the extreme here in Western Ma. I would be happy to just go out into the garage and peek under its cover.
Mine is 40+ overnight (high 30's min) and I'll ride. Too bad it's below 10 or rain/snow...
I feel for all you guys and gals Stateside; we're having a pretty extreme summer here in New Zealand; drought conditions aren't great for farmers, but they make for great (if sweaty) riding weather!
Took a ride today 53 F, 40% humidity, blue sky's. 300miles first time in over 2 months with no rain when I could ride.
I hear ya on that this winter sucks! Negative degrees this and rain or snow that. When i see 40 without slop on the roads im riding
Taking this non riding time and doing a lot of trip planning - Rolling Thunder, Flight 93, Gettysburg, DC, Myrtle Beach Rally, Florida trip coming up - seems to help a little!!
The end of winter is finally in sight. Looking forward to the 2015 riding season. I've already booked my room in Wasaga Beach for their 2015 bike rally. it will be my first trip to this area on my bike.
I feel for all of you that live in the colder climes. I just got back from a business trip to the DC area where it was pretty cold, especially with what seemed to be an almost constant wind. The snow, slush, and salt grime was everywhere. Was glad to get back home and go out on a ride in 70+ temps. Sure, I'm not looking forward to riding in triple digits but will take that any day over living / riding in the cold.
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