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Apologies in advance for the long post.
Last week my bike developed strange issue. 15 minutes into my ride while standing at the traffic light engine just died, like someone hit the kill switch. I was in 1st gear with clutch pulled in. It started back up without any problems. 10 minutes later while cruising at about 65-70 mph it did it again. I just felt sudden loss of power and bike started slowing down no surging, sputtering or backfiring. Luckily I was in the right lane and pulled to the shoulder. Engine was off again but all electrical sill on. Dashboard indicators, cooling fan still running. Once again it started right away and for the rest of the ride home there was no more issues.
I have 2016 Voyager 1700 with about 8500 miles on it. No modes. The only thing I did was regular oil changes and had a tank off about a month ago for the coolant flush. While it was off I checked ignition wires and it was in perfect condition.

So I went though initial troubleshooting of interlocking circuit by following user manual and it all seems to work correctly. No fault codes either.
Side stand switch was clean, but I gave it a go just in case and went for the test ride. Rode for about 5-10 minutes and it stalled . This time I just pulled the clutch while coasting, flipped kill switch off and on and engine started again. Second time it died 5 minutes later. This time it did not fire right away and I had to turn the ignition off first before trying again.
Next day I took right hand switch housing apart, tested kill switch for continuity (all is good) and cleaned it as well. Went for another test ride. 15-20 min all local roads at 20-30 mph, no highway cruising, Could not recreate the problem, all seems to be fine. Pulled into my driveway. Left the bike idling for few minutes. Decided to adjust right hand mirror. I was using both hands, one on the mirror and one on the handle bar holding it next to the switch housing, applied slight pressure to twist the mirror and bike died again. At first I thought that I accidentally flipped the kill switch but it was still on. I started fiddling around with it in the ON position while bike is running and was able to recreate it again, but only once. Couple of times it felt like engine is about to cut out but did not and that was it. It is really frustrating. It looks like switch might be an issue. Should I go ahead and replace it. If I do, how difficult is it just to put new one in without getting entire assembly replaced? I don't want to take it to the dealer yet, reading about all these "horror" stories, but I'll do it if there is no other options.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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