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Engineered Adapters has the wiring harness, handlebar control adapter, and faceplate you need to install a single DIN aftermarket stereo.

I just did mine. I had the help of a friend who used to install car stereos. Reading the wiring diagram for connecting the wiring harness to the new stereo was second nature to him. If I had to do it myself I'd have figured it out but it would have taken longer for sure.

The biggest hiccup I ran into was getting the handlebar controls to work. This was a result of the particular stereo deck I chose not being so easily suited for use in a motorcycle. If I'd chosen a different deck I think it would have been pretty straightforward. As it was, I had to get my buddy's help and he reached out a couple times directly to the makers of the control adapter, PAC. They were very good to deal with and very helpful in solving my issue.

The speakers I chose for the setup are a good match for the stereo I got but neither one is a beast. I did not install an amp either though I don't think it would have been much more complicated. Despite that I'm very happy with the result. My stereo now sounds much better, it's louder, and I have bluetooth built in.

I have a thread where I wrote a bit about it, I'll put a link to that here. The only thing missing is I forgot to take photos of the new stereo once it was in :p I'll get those later.

BTW don't do what I did and install the speakers before the stereo. The speaker install was super easy so I figured I'll check them out first and forgot that they had to come back off to get at two of the bolts for the fairing. Not a huge deal but if I did it again I'd just wait and do it all at once.
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