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I have a 2012 Voyager that I bought this year. Everything is good except that the radio or I-tunes will just cut out and no sound. The display goes blank or reverts back to the KAWASAKI screen. Sometimes it happens several time and at different intervals and sometimes it works fine for a long time. Has anyone had this problem and what is the fix?:confused:

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I had a possibly similar problem with my GPS.

The GPS is powered from the axillary power available in the headlight and often it would simply reboot.

I bought an electrical noise filter from Pep Boys (about $10) and installed it into the headlight, no more problem. The noise filter is glued to the back of the headlight shell using indoor/outdoor adhesive caulk from the plumbing section in home depot.

The axillary power as supplied by Kawasaki runs directly from the battery. So even when the key is off, the GPS was still draining the battery. I tapped into the 12v power for the front running lamps (also available in the headlight) and now when I turn the key off the GPS also turns off!

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