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Hello all,

Had some time off work today and decided to work on the bike a little bit. I changed the oil with Royal Purple. I also changed the brake and clutch fluid.

I changed the brake fluid last summer but for some reason did not change the clutch fluid. I have a 2012 Vulcan 1700 with just over 11k miles. I bought it used and don't believe that the clutch fluid was ever changed. The clutch fluid was a very very dark and nasty color.

After I was done I took the bike around the block and washed it. I noticed that the clutch was a lot easier to engage and felt smoother but holy cow did the bike want to take off in 1st and 2nd gears!!

Before the clutch fluid change I could slowly let off the clutch and barely roll anywhere. Now I barely let off the clutch and the bike really jumps forward. It does this in both first and second gears. I also noticed that when downshifting if I let off of the clutch slowly the bike slows down extremely fast.

My question is does this sound normal? I know I didn't let any air get into the hoses. I guess I'm just not sure if I am supposed to notice such a large difference after just a fluid change. It feels like it wants to be a sport bike and take off lol. Not unbearable by any means, just have to get used to it for the first few rides.

I appreciate any help or advice.

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