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Quick disconnect for power to fairing speakers

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Hey Everyone,

I have an '09 900 custom, I just bought an invicta fairing off ebay and was wondering on the wiring, does anyone know if you can make a "quick connect" for the power. So if I wanted to remove it, I could do it easily.

At first i was hoping i could just wire up a battery tender pigtail, but I dont think its a good call.

I'll be running a head unit and 2 6x9's in the fairing.

Thanks for your help:waiting:
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Use a trailer light connection that you would use on a pickup truck. You can get them at any parts house and possibly even Walmart.

Actually I think the battery tender connection (I'm assuming your talking about a SAE connection) is probably your best bet. It will hold the amps easily and is probably the most weatherproof.
Either of those should work fine.

My previous amp had a 3 wire setup...power, ground and switch. They recommended connecting power and ground directly to the battery, then the switch to a switched power source.

We'll I did not like that idea...so I did the following.

Power and ground went directly into the existing Accessory wires under the seat. The switch wire went first to a toggle switch on the side panel, and from there joined the power wire in the ACC plug.

This way the amp only had power when the bike was on, or in the ACC position. Further I could turn off the amp by just flipping the toggle switch, in case I got interference or just did not wanna run any music.

They were all set with the standard male/female wire plugs, so it all came out with just 3 wires to disconnect.

Of course I would do it differently now...ultimately there were too many wire connections, but I liked the concept. Once I switched over to the fairing, it was all a much simpler process.
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