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Question on the best tires to pick

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Hey everyone. I am looking for input on the best tires for my 1999 800. On my Honda I had Metzler and have usually used Dunlop in the past. But I have little experience with Kawasaki in many years. My last Kawasaki was a two stroke 750 triple . ( a real monster lol) I will see if somewhere I can fin a picture of it but I doubt it.

Here is a link to photobucket for my 800. It is lowered all around and this probably affects what tires top choose. Any input will be highly welcomed. Wayne

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I have gotten the most mileage out of Dunlop 402s. Perrelli Rt66 tires are more reasonable and get better traction, so if you dont put over 10-15k miles a year on your bike and dont ride aggressive, the Dunlops will do you good. If youwant cheap and decent, look into Shinko's. For the best of both worlds, try the Commander IIs. My bike is a classic, so unsure about size capabillity.
Thanks Rick I appreciate the ideas. I see all of them are available on Amazon.
There are a lot of threads on this. It also depends on your budget. I could of gotten the 404's cheaper but went with the Michelins.
michelin commander IIs!!!! but yes this thread is done over and over.. might be one i started being the last haha
I have 900 classic and I have 22k on the front tire ( Michelin Power commander 2 ) and still going. Just put a new rear one. No opinion on the mileage. The front have a good grip and it feels a bit harder than the Metzler.
I have 10K on a set of Michelin Commander II's, and still have more than 2/3 tread left.
On top of that, they grip better than the Avon Venom X's that they replaced!
IMHO they are one of the best values out there for good tires!
My experience and lots of reviews: Dunlops are crap, Shinkos are cheap but consistent and provide fewer miles, Metzlers are inconsistent with thread separation. Commander IIs are consistent and long lasting. Avons are pricy.
Side question here, sorry, but where did you get the VN800 front spoiler/chin from?
The one in this pic: Image Link
out of these tires mentioned is there one that give a better ride than others?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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