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question on lighting Vulcan vaquero

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Howdy I have a 13 vaquero that I added some small led lights to the rear fender skirt. They are dual function and I had them wired for turn/brake and clearance lights they was blowing fuses when used for the brake and turn function! I know its possible to wire them this way just not sure what I need to do to make them quit poppin fuses . Any help is greatly appreciatedthanks in advance
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are there 3 wires for the LEDs? (ie: 1. Ground, 2. low brightness, and 3. high brightness)

maybe something hooked up backwards causing a short to ground?

I would start by disconnecting and then connecting each function one at a time and testing for function before hooking up all at once.
Yes three wire set up everything is connected properly and worked properly markers work fine no blown fuses
Brake function works for a few seconds then pops fuse
Turn function works until brake is hit then pops fuse
The ground is the onlynthung I didn't tap into harness for grounded directly to frame
Thanks again guys
It may be possible that both LEDs together are enough to overload the fuse.
What is the wattage rating on the LEDs?

Disconnect and confirm that it's actually the LEDs causing the fuse to blow?

Try grabbing a spare light bulb and hook it in place of the LEDs to use a a test light and see if the bulb functions normally or still blows the fuse.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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