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Everyone knows Puma shoes, what everyone doesn't know is they make race boots as well as street shoes for Motorcycle Riders now. The company first started in 1948 producing shoes, and they are currently offering a full line of motorcycle boots.

Sportbike Track Gear is proud to be one of the largest Puma boot dealers around, with a large stock and selection available we can get you into a pair of Puma's. You can view our wide selection of Puma Boots Here on our website..

Of course we have a Video Review of these boots to get you even a close look.

Puma also sponsors a lot of very well know riders in the USA like Bobby Fong, Danny Eslick, Josh Day, and more.

If you have any questions or would like to order a set of Puma Boots give Jason a call at ]888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

The Ghost Doctor protection device has been designed after the medically defined angles of no return, beyond which you would suffer from serious ankle injury. It limits the movement range in all four directions and becomes active when the ankle reaches a dangerous angle, making it an intelligent protection device that's there only when you need it most.

For 2010 the 1000v3 features flexible nylon toe sliders.

Up at the top of the boot, the GP1000 V3 uses a buckle for the calf adjustment.

They also use an inner lacing system to keep your foot planted securely to avoid heal lift.

Here is the back of the boot showing the vented back calf and as well as the strap that holds the calf pieces in place.
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