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Pulling the trigger on a new seat.

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I think I have narrowed it down to two. Mustang Day Tripper or the Saddleman Profiler. Who here has these on your 900? Pros and Cons?
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I went with Corbin young guns. Most rides are 4-6 hours, no wind screen. Many on the forum have recomended a backrest. I wanted something close to the 900 custom stock look with room for the occasional short passenger ride and able to add driver backrest.

The Corbin has been a good choice, hard at first but gets better with every ride. Had tried stock seat modification and air hawk first, better than stock but nothing like the Corbin.

I was also considering the 2 seats you are looking at but after looking at a lot of reviews decided on the Corbin for my riding needs. I am sure just about any quality after market seat will be an improvement over the stock seat.
I had the Mustang seat on my 900. It sits a bit taller, but is a world of difference over the stock seat. It's a wonderful seat and makes the butt time a lot better. I went from hurting after an hour to riding all day without any pain.
love my saddlemen seat. It sits me lower and a lil forward which is nice for my short legs
i love my mustang seat. I havent tried another seat so i cant tell you how it feels.
Mustang - course I found mine on craigslist drove 3 hours to get it - never tried another anything is so better than the stock seat.
I sat on a mustang touring seat on a used bike at the dealer. Wow! is all I have to say.
Both are great options, if you are interested in picking one up shoot me a PM and will be happy to help.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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