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Well, it is complete!! (for now.......)

What started as my painter at work re-painting my front fender, turned into quite the overhaul!! Here is a list of what was done to Project Sober:

- Batwing Fairing from USA Trailer Store - inside and outside fairing painted to match
- Infinity PRV-350 Stereo
- Polk 6x9 speakers - speaker grills painted to match
- Kong 16" Bars - painted to match
- New ISO Grips
- Extended Cable Kit
- Harley Davidson rider and passenger floorboards - custom fabricated mounting brackets
- Harley Davidson hard bags - with one-touch hardware
- Integrated tail light from Vulcan 2000
- LED Light Kit
- Passenger back rest
- Cobra Dragsters Exhaust
- Baron's Big Air Kit
- Cobra i2000 Programmer
- Cobra Highway Bars
- Custom Painted fins on motor
- Highway Pegs
- New Interstate Battery
- Full synthetic oil change
- New Spark Plugs

I am sure I am missing something. Was a lot of fun to do this over the winter. I am certainly not a mechanic, but I am pretty proud to say I did EVERYTHING on this bike except the actual paint job. It's been even more fun that I've been out a few times this spring! South Dakota weather is temperamental....


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