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I would just like to pass on to my fellow Vulcan 900 owners, that they should think twice before purchasing these products. Despite emails SHOWING them what is inside the boxes of their own product, stating that they do indeed fit later model VN900's, they are unwilling to budge. They have no front or back suspensions for us. I stated that if they simply got the info (that nothing has changed on Vulcan 900 suspension that would prevent a 2013 part from going on a 2019; this I have specifically researched) that they could change their computers to reflect this, and have thousands and thousands of MORE customers.
All I have gotten back is sarcastic responses treating me like an idiot. I thought I was doing them a favour.
I got mine on and they work fantastic. No more jarring spine bumps or pogo effect. The front feels better too.
Unfortunately, it just seems like this particular company does not want our business. Any specialty biker place can fix you up with a product just as good.
It's not really rocket science. Except maybe to "Progressive" which will NOT simply pull in a 2019 Vulcan 900 to see if their product fits, and make a couple hundred thousand dollars more a year. Obviously they are not supporting us; I regret supporting them.....
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