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Powdercoat Spoke Wheels

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Has anyone Powdercoated spoke motorcycle wheels? I have a 900 Classic LT and I HATE the spoke wheels. Anyone jump down the powdercoat rabbit hole? Pics please. :D
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Even powder coated they will still be spoke wheels. Check out RC Components. They make a lot of nice wheels to fit your 900 Classic LT. You could also save yourself a few bucks and buy a stock 900 Custom rear wheel from the parts for sale section of this forum from a fellow member since the rear wheel is mostly hid behind your saddlebags and pick a front wheel you like from RC Components. Then your spoke wheel issues are gone and you can run your tires tubeless as a bonus (no more pinched tubes).
I've looked at RC wheels, but I don't really want to put $1500 into wheels. I can get the front tire pulled, sandblasted powdercoated and reinstalled for about $200. I'd never polish spokes again. I just didn't know if there was any issue in powdercoating the spoke wheels themselves. I've been trying to purchase a wheel from a custom for the rear.
I would think the powder coat would make truing the wheel an impossible task.
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