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Hey guys, I bought a VN800 last June and i have been working on tearing it down and rebuilding it since then. The project has taken longer than I wanted because I have taken quite a few breaks in between lol. Basically I tore the bike down to nearly the frame, repainted and replaced almost everything on the bike to make it nearly as new as possible.

During the process, i debaffled the exhaust and also did the scooterize K&N air filter mod. I bought the DynoJet Stage 1 kit and a while back I did the carb rebuild and put in a different needle (honestly dont recall which one?). and since then, the carb and the bike have sat for nearly 6 months.

I have finally gotten all the cosmetic things done (bike painted, new fenders, blah blah) and i am working this week on getting the bike back up and running. The one thing I am nervous about is tuning the carb. Since I do not recall what needle I put in it from the kit. i dont even recall if there were different needles given?

so my question is... what all should I look at doing when getting this back up and running given the things I did (debaffle, scooterize, stage 1 kit)..
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