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Please help my motor is mad at me

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Im gonna try and keep this simple. I thought i was almost done with fixing my vulcan 900 custom when i finished the valve spring shim adjustment put it back together and when i went to start it it sounded like a car does when you over start the starter SCHREEEEECH. plz help i thought maybe i dropped a shim down inside it because when i was taking one out i pushed down on spring and it went flying ( "never to be seen again') so i have top and bottom opened up all oil drained so whats wrong ? Plz help so i can ride.
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I’ll just say the painful words out loud. FIND THAT SHIM! You need to confirm it’s not where it shouldn’t be. magnet stick, small magnet on a string, etc. both useful in probing everyplace you can to try and find the shim if it’s in the motor.
Did you also double check your math and final clearances of all valves before buttoning it up? When you did your double check, did you make certain you were lined up perfectly on Top Front and Top Rear marks dependent on the valve you were checking.
Unfortunately this is my first time doing this and it took me 2 days to even comprehend the while TF TR thing and i hope i am at right distance because yes i did check and still not sure if i did it right. And i have looked everywhere for the shim and not sure if i found it or not thing is the first five minuets of having the ahim kit it fell over and dumped everywhere and done the best to get them all but again not sure.
Well heres the update. It was the lower engine casing on the clutch side. Apparently somehow the part of engine casing that holds the independent double gear that connects the starter and harmonic balancing gear broke and the gear was just slaming around in there. . But, me being who i am and not a quitter i went and found a bushing that fit it as snug as i could get and and jbwelded and apoxcyed the shit out of it and let it cure all day in the hot ass sun. Checked the placement and it looks like i nailed it. Now we put humpdy dumpty back together again and hope all is good so i can ride my horse again. Lol ill update it later on.

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The looming question, of course, is why did that break in the first place?
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