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Well after horsing around for a month or more here is my experience with cobra TriOvals slipons.
My unit 2010 VN1700BAF VOYAGER here in the deep south pacific comes with a stock O2 sensor from Kawa fitted to the right muffler, I fitted a set of triOvals after fitting a bung to the muffler to take my stock o2 sensor.
It sounded great, loud but not obnoxious, and seemed to have more punch down low, but did seem to starve when decellerating hard and on the odd occasion a bit of popping on decel.
So I thought I would wait until my PC-V & autotune kit arrived. and continued to run on stock pipes.
Powercommander PC-V and Auto tune kit arrived and I first fitted PC-V only still with my stock o2 sensor fitted to the triovals, seemed to backfire and pop a lot more and bad starving/dead spots on hard decel, then tried the stock 001 PC-V map, plus a couple of maps other owners had had success with in the US, but none improved matters.
Next step was to have the bung swapped on my right TriOval ( the autotune had a much bigger bung for the wide band 02 sensor. fitted PC autotune set it up with the standard map, and also installed the switch for auto learn.
While it seemed to run well initially once it was at full operational temperature it was back to popping and backfiring with a vengance, the autotune map seemed to be more in the negative (-) settings,
So Im at the point now where I just dont trust the PC-V & Autotune and wont refit them until I can afford to have the bike put on a dyno and tuned proffessionally.
Im just glad to put the bike back to stock and have it running sweet.

DARN, Just saw the post re more PC maps avail for voyager, though none with TriOvals, looks like I have some more trials to do :)
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