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PCV issue

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I have just fitted a new PC V to my 1700 Nomad. When I turn on the ignition, the red warning light flashes, and ERR11 appears on the instrument console and the bike won't start. I have double checked my installation aginst the wiring instructions and can't see any faults. The green Power light on the PCV only stays on for about 3 seconds, as does the status light, then both go out. Looks like it could be a fault with the unit and I am awaiting a response from Dynojet Support team. In the meantime, has anyone experienced this and have any ideas?
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I am assuming there were no problems with this skoot b4 the installation?

Error code 11 relates to "throttle position sensor". The PCV has a wire that is connected to a wire at the throttle body, that is one of the wires for the tps .

Either that connection is not good or the connector has split the copper wires and opened that circuit...I just sent back a brand new outa the box pcv to d/j. Bike didn't sound right at start up and had abnormal glitches/hesitations at different rpm/throttle positions. Completely disconnecting the pcv allowed the skoot to run properly.

Make sure you have the correct PCV, make sure it has the latest firmware. The "remove the pcv and see if that fixes the problem" is also recommended.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I have spoken to Dynojet and it looks like I have not fitted the Posi-tap connections correctly. I haven't used these before so will have try again.
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