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My 99 Vulcan restoration is almost complete so now it's time to focus on making her pretty once again. I'll need to paint the tank and saddle bags (hard shell) and have found few sources for the paint. Being a 3 stage paint, few shops can color match due to the base coat/second coat combinations. I'm going to stay with the original factory color scheme (Ameranth Red Mica / Candy Persimmon Red).

ColorRite provides an impressive "Kawasaki Colors" selection. Obviously a computer screen does the colors no justice so I turn to the Forum for advice.

1. Any one use ColorRite paints - particularly base coat/top coat and how did it turn out?
2. Any other sources for the paint or does anyone know alternate "paint codes" to match PPG,etc.?

My thought is to use ColorRite paint but use a true 2K clear over the top for a more durable finish (any thoughts or words of caution here).

I'll spend my next weekend fixing small dings and prepping so I have time before I will be ready to paint.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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