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Hi guys.
I have a 2001 Vulcan Nomad 1500FI
color pearl chateau gray/galaxy silver metalic

Does anyone knows where I can fin the color code location on my bike?


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I went through this a few months back...
Don't believe that Kawasaki is of any help...
Not sure where you got those names for your bike's colors...
Everything I've been able to find on the web says go to your local paint shop or dealer and have them "match" your paint...

Saw this as well...
How can I get Kawasaki paint codes?

I also saw that Color-Rite may supply the paint for MawKaw but can't confirm or deny this...
I did get my codes on the their website, although I have yet to order any...
Remember, if you order NEW paint it prolly ain't gonna match your OLD faded paint on your scoot...

May not be the answer you are wanting but hope this helps...

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