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I removed the tank and left it sitting on the frame for three days (had to leave town). When I came back I saw that some gas escaped the tank (yes, it was full), softened and lifted paint around the cap. It also got under the "Vulcan" plastic trim (?) on the side and softened the glue. I can fix the paint with a touch up paint, but it will be too far from perfect. Any ideas?


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Time for a "custom" paint job...


No way to fix that.

Empty the tank and remove the emblems and all the bolt-on parts...

Take tank to local auto paint shop and get CCCRRRAAAZZZYYY with some cool ideas for your new tank...

If you have full coverage insurance...
See if you can get tank replaced to fund the new paint...

Buddy of mine dropped his HD Ultra Classic and wacked the tank...
Insurance paid for a new tank...$1500+.

Bought "second hand" off eBay for $500 shipped.
Grand in his pocket !!!

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