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Updated 2016, 08, 31

I have researched and thought I would inform everyone that you can install an aftermarket deck and still maintain your handlebar controls with the aftermarket unit using a steering wheel control interface from PAC (Pacific Accessory Corporation).

Please don’t PM me. Post questions/answers in the thread so others can learn and not reinvent the wheel.

I installed a Sony deck. You will have to make a custom faceplate and I had one fabricated at a shop that deals with acrylic. Remove the OEM deck and then remove the front faceplate and bring into shop with the DIN cage from aftermarket deck. I gave them the two pieces as a template to make my faceplate. I used some silicone on the backside to hold it in place. I did not use the rubber seal and IMO would give the shop with front plate (not the entire deck) with the rubber still on for their template. I used a piece of bicycle inner tube around the aftermarket deck to take up the gap as you cannot use the DIN mounting cage with the new install. Perhaps asking the shop to cut the inside dimension of the cage would be better?

I like this deck as is has two USB inputs one on the front of the deck which I never use and one on a long cable on the back which I run into the left map pocket where the iPOD adapter use to go. I ran 8 gauge wire to a marine fuse block http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Sea-Syste...ct_top?ie=UTF8 mounted to the inside of the fairing and can access it by removing the 3 screws on the map pocket for easy access.

There is two units to choose from:

PAC SWI-RC http://www.pac-audio.com/productDeta...ProductId=1016
I initially found this one but did not install it and someone I know did with success. I found a fully programmable unit and chose to go that route and after two units failing I have come to conclusion it is a poor design not good for motorcycle use. It is not as weather tight as SWI-RC too.
the resistors come with the kit. Note the resistor values don't really matter and they just need to be different. I did note that the 560 ohm and one other was common used on both units but I successfully used my own resistors (and values) on wires.
Wiring diagram below and here full size http://i.imgur.com/6VPkaPw.jpg
the vehicle version number to program the pac unit is 3. Remember to program the unit with vehicle # before you try to program the buttons. Make sure power to unit is switched too.
There is a MUCH easier install than the CP5 and quite simple compared.
We have used the CB switch as an additional radio button(s) so you have a total of 9 presses (from the 3 buttons) for your aftermarket deck you are using. You can program the buttons to whatever is available for your deck (see their programming guide)
For some reason I was having problems with volume up and it would usually go volume down instead (on both units). I tried reprogramming several times and finally gave up and used the middle button instead and all works fine now. You can program any button for whatever you like and don't have to use what is labeled. The two other buttons (track and preset) are usually redundant on most source selections anyhow. Also, the CB button is more awkward to get at than the other two.
I velcro'd the unit to the inside fairing where I can access from map pocket. I suggest you have easy access as you have to pull the lower fairing off to get the main fairing off.

SWI-CP5 (Don't use) http://www.pac-audio.com/productDeta...&CategoryID=29
Don't use, I have gone through 2 units now and they have both died on me evemtually. They are 2x the price. 2x the size, and much harder to install.
This one is programmable but you will not get more button presses than the manufacturer specific deck allows. You merely get to choose which button does it (long or short button press). I have a Sony deck and it allows for a total of 11 functions. Other manufacturers vary and check manual.
I am not particularly fond of the long press for some buttons as holding the volume button confuses the unit thinking it is long press and if you have it programmed will choose that. You have to incrementally increase the volume so it does get confused with a long press or not program the long press on that button I suppose. I have reconfigured the unit and not using the long press feature and volume button can be held up or down now - I do not recommend programming this feature. I did not program the phone into the switch either and kept it simple
I velcro'd the remote onto top of the left reservoir and have ability to change programmed stations on my XM radio or FM radio now.
The resistor values do not need to be specific as per the diagram (only different) so the PAC unit knows which button it is coming from after programming. I did use two specific values as per tech supports instructions as they seemed specific. I bought a package of resistors on Ebay for like $3.00.
The programming is simple. You program each possible function and button in the order from the manual. Make sure not to have the 3.5mm jack installed in the deck or things get sketchy. Also make sure the connector harness for the PAC unit is firmly connected as it can seem like it is but not and some of your button presses will not work – trust me on this check the harness connector.

Note: I had to replace the PAC unit as all of a sudden it wasn't working. I pulled fairing apart and the unit would power up (light would turn green) and then go out again. Turns out the unit was bad (not the wiring) and new unit worked fine once plugged in and programmed. I am a bit concerned about riding in rain and the weatherproof of the unit and plan on covering or duct taping unit to protect from elements.

Here is the install instructions for this unit from my correspondence with PAC:

I’m going to go over this using the CP5. First off I will let you know that you have to manually program the CP5 because this vehicle information is not something that already exists in the steering wheel interface(SWI). I will start by saying that at any point in time DO NOT connect the CP5 to a computer or a phone. There is no need to do this because we will manually program it.

Start by setting the first 8 dip switches in the off position. All up.
The next set of 4 dip switches should be set to Sony by having 1,2 and 3 to the off position(up) and the 4th switch to the on position(down). This leaves the unit knowing it will learn the controls manually and work or communicate with a Sony radio.

Now the install…The 3 main power/ground wires are the Black, Red and yellow. Those will connect to the vehicle at the same location as your radio and the colors will match what is at the radio. That covers that.

Now the control wires. I will give you the colors based on the schematics you provided.

BR/Y on bike to solid white on CP5
BR/BL on bike to white/red on CP5
BR/G on bike to white/Black on CP5
LG/R on bike goes to a ground directly
LG on bike goes to a 150ohm resistor and other end of resistor to ground
LG/BK on bike goes to 560ohm resistor and the other end of the resistor to ground

The resistors don’t need to be those specific values…they just need to be different enough for the SWI to distinguish between the buttons.
By doing this install, you will be able to program all 9 buttons for whatever features you desire. With a total of 9 options, I doubt you will be needing a long press feature.

At this point go ahead and manually program the controls using the Sony listing following the instructions.


Here is the possible programming for a Sony deck and what I programmed (or skipped). I do not reccomend using the long press or you will not be able to volume up (or down) holding the switch as unit thinks you are doing a long press and will have to push volume one increment per time to increase or decrease.
Vol+ programmed as short press volume button
Vol- programmed as short press volume button
Mute/ATT programmed as push volume button
Preset+ skipped
Preset- skipped
Source programmed as push track button
Track+ programmed as short press track button
Track- programmed as short press track button
Band skipped
Reject call/Source (BT equipped radios only) skipped
Answer/End call skipped

Once you have finished programming, connect the CP5 to the Sony radio and your handlebar controls will operate the Sony deck.
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Thanks for sharing! I don't use my stereo a ton, but I do use it. I've toyed with the idea of going aftermarket.

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Last week the guys I was riding with said my stereo is louder than my pipes...
I've got stock pipes and don't want anything any louder. So I can hear it just fine even at 75+. But I wouldn't mind it being a bit better quality, a little louder, and having more features (like bluetooth, for example).

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What are the resistor values. Having a hard time reading the diagram.
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