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Congrats gearheadfl!!

You can congratulate gearheadfl IN THIS THREAD

Gonna jump in also
Model:Vulcan Nomad
Eng size:1600
Seat:Rebuilt stock
Accessories: Reckless batwing fairing, Power Commander, Cobra pipes, grill cover
Reworked seats with memory foam and embroidered Vulcan logos, Wolo horn, Intake kit, Light bar, Fender tips front and rear, Highway Pegs, Grips, Brake and shifter covers, Kenwood marine AM-FM CD USB, 4-5 1/4 inch Pioneer speakers,
chrome caliper covers, side bag rails top and bottom, Cramp Buster throttle rocker, throttle lock, chrome master cyl lids, leather windshield bag, right side chrome engine trim (where the stock intake was) and wax, wax, lots of wax,
And the story: Was looking for another bike for the stable and came across this gem at a buddy's Victory dealership, love at first site, got the "I'm friends with the dealership owner" price and off I went with it, ordered the fairing and made it even better, the memory foam seats work very well on long rides and the bike is a very good highway cruiser, Great sound out of the Cobra pipes (that's what sold it for me). Thanks for taking a look at my Nomad.
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