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Congrats Philip!

You can congratulate pcarrell IN THIS THREAD

After last month's well deserved loss (Congrats shads!), I'll have another go at it. ***With all new pics!***

Year: 2001
Model: Drifter
Eng size: 1500
Pipes: Vance & Hines Longshots
Seat: Fire & Steel
Wheels: Stock Spokes
Accessories: The list is long, check out the story
And the story: OK, here goes.........

Meet Nadine. Nadine is the name of my bike. She needed a name because my wife refers to her as my girlfriend, so a name was in order.

I wanted bike that the wife and I could enjoy before she could no longer ride. You see, she has Muscular Dystrophy, and it's degenerative, so one day she won't be able to ride anymore, but in the meantime, we have wind in the hair!

I've added floorboards for my wife (on custom made brackets), and did a ton of my own custom leatherwork (a skill I picked up many years ago). All of the floorboard skirts, tour pack leatherwork, and fender skirts are my own work. The tank bra and rear fender bib are from Chilowee leathers. There's Iso grips under the fringed and laced covers for my comfort. The pipes are Vance & Hines Longshots that have a nice throaty sound with a bit of bark with a twist of the wrist. I've also added a Meanstreak clutch pack with the 2 piece holders that give the clutch a more positive feel. I also fabricated my own license plate lay down bracket that is totally hidden for a nice clean look. The rear suspension is hung on totally adjustable air shocks for a smooth ride. The tank badges and air cleaner emblems are from Zambini Bros (The previous owner stripped all the brand labels from the bike, and it looked naked, so......). The tour pack is an old '69 Harley shovelhead pack (on my custom made brackets) that I fitted with a current model Harley wraparound backrest pad (to keep the wife planted). I created a bracket to move the rectifier under the radiator and in it's place on the left side I've mounted a 50's era chrome Harley tool box on a custom made bracket. I've also added amber fog lamps and a custom bag behind the Nomad style windshield. The mirrors have been swapped out for some Emge mirrors that are a bit more curvaceous. On the 2up seat, I stripped it down and added gel pads to it for comfort (mostly for the wife). Lastly, for a more comfortable ride I've made some home made custom lowers on Memphis Shades mounts to limit any wind buffeting.

The future calls for a little more leather work, a batwing or similar fairing, and a fender light I've had for a while now. After that, maybe paint, if I can make up my mind on something.

Personally, I like the solo look best, but I ride with the 2up look most of the time.
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